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Gabrielle Revere: I Remain, You Desire

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010


Many months ago I profiled model Lindey Wixson on this blog. I remember first spotting her in a W magazine editorial and ripping the page out so I could try and figure out who she was and cast her for the next shoot I was styling. I absolutely love her look. The demand for her has drastically increased; I see her face everywhere now. Many say she is the “model of the moment.”

This last September gifted photographer Gabrielle Revere‘s exhibit “I Remain, You Desire” was on display at Sotheby’s gallery in NYC. I missed the exhibit, but wanted to post the pictures because they are so unbelievably stunning. Through a project for, Revere spotted fourteen year old Lindsey while shooting behind the scenes during Fashion Week 2008. Revere chose her for the cover and for 9 days chaperoned her through Fashion Week documenting it all for the Life story. Shortly after Lindsey became the face of Miu Miu. Revere says of the story, “I wanted to capture what this young girl goes through in this sea of insanity. She is this beautiful, young, sweet, innocent creature in this explosive, unpredictable world. No one really humanizes those elements, not about her. That is why this work is so powerful.”

Of the Sotheby’s exhibit she says, “I am constantly looking for the hidden moment, and to me that is beautiful. I think that within every moment, the second before and the second after, that is the real moment… and not what is the obvious.”

I can’t wait to see more from Gabrielle Revere! Maybe a beautiful coffee table book??